IKEA: Sonos speaker control remote will be available on October 1

IKEA: Sonos speaker control remote will be available on October 1

Ikea unveils a new remote control to control its Symfonisk speakers designed in partnership with the sonos audio brand. It will be available from 1 October at a price of 14.99 euros.

When we tested the Ikea Symfonisk - a speaker/lamp born from the partnership between the Swedish giant and Sonos - we appreciated its excellent value for money. However, it was not free of any defects, and suffered in particular from a launch that seemed hasty, while the application universe of Ikea is still not ready. Even more troublesome, the beast was delivered without a remote control. Although it may seem innocuous, it is not so much since the speaker is devoid of a voice assistant, forcing us to move to make simple adjustments like the volume or the Play/Pause button. It's already better with this new remote control from Ikea, available from October 1st.

A remote control for less than 15 euros for Sonos speakers

This new remote control from Ikea makes the Symfonisk line of connected speakers a bit more autonomous. The Swedish giant's new remote control, which looks very simple and round, can control playback and volume. Just turn it to adjust the volume, and click one, two or three times on its clickable surface to start playing, move on to the next or previous piece. Nothing sorcerer then, but it is offered for only 14.99, which remains very correct. It should be noted, however, that the remote control should necessarily be connected to a Tradfri bridge, which can add to the bill.

In addition, the remote control can control a single speaker as well as several thanks to the Sonos application. It can also be used on Sonos products. The remote control will be available from 1 October in two colours: black and white.

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