Harley-Davidson introduces new models for 2020 and focuses on electric

2020 will be a sign of innovation and diversity for Harley-Davidson, which yesterday introduced its new range of motorcycles and trike.

In a recent official press release, the famous Harley-Davidson brand has formalized the new models that will make up its 2020 range. Fans of close-to-the-ground driving will appreciate the return of the iconic Low Rider S, in a 2020 "performance-oriented" version. Equipped with a Softail chassis and a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, the bike promises "aggressive" riding and "increased driver control." A sure bet for the brand, which has also decided to bet on the all-electric next year.

Already announced several weeks ago, the new Harley-Davidson LiveWire will be the first 100% electric model designed by the American manufacturer. In addition to its perfect finishes, the bike will accelerate without having to clutch or pass speed. Thanks to its 158 km range announced by the brand, the model promises to be particularly suitable for urban uses, while guaranteeing a driving experience faithful to that of the more conventional motorcycles marketed by the manufacturer. Note that the LiveWire model should be the first in a long series of electric vehicles promises the brand, which hopes to eventually position itself as a "leader in the electrification of motorcycles".

Another other ambience for this 2020 range, this time it is not a motorcycle that Harley-Davidson presents, but a trike, three-wheeled model presented as the "ultimate trike" by the manufacturer. Equipped with the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, this first CVO Tri-Glide promises "comfortable steering and unique handling," thanks in part to its Premium Touring suspensions and trunk that can store up to 50 pounds (22 kilograms) without flinching. With this new 2020 range, Harley-Davidson taps wide, and makes sure to reach both classic motorcycle enthusiasts, as well as 100% electric enthusiasts.

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