Alexa: Amazon would consider giving a physical body to its assistant

Jeff Bezos' company would consider giving Alexa a body so he can better understand his environment.

With Alexa, Amazon has managed to impose its voice assistant in many objects. But the company intends to go further by offering, why not, a body to its assistant. In any case, this is what Amazon's chief scientist and prominent member of Alexa's division envisions in the company.
A body to enable him to better understand his environment

Rohit Prasad, Amazon's chief scientist, believes That Alexa could be much more effective if he had a robotic body equipped with cameras to move around the physical world. Of course, this is just a statement and the Alexa robot is still in the science fiction stage. However, this statement proves that Amazon is considering the option.

Cameras are already a component found in some products that offer Alexa. In practice, the next step to evolve the assistant, it would be to give him a body and make a real little robot, equipped with wheels to move or even legs. By offering it a body, it is certain that the possible applications would multiply, and that the Amazon assistant would gain autonomy.

And you'd fall for an Alexa humanoid robot?

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